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Ira T. Lott, MD, Director, Telemedicine Program, UC Irvine Health Sciences

Telemedicine has emerged as a priority for UC Irvine’s School of Medicine, which has embraced teaching telemedicine to the next generation of physicians and nurses.

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UC Irvine has provided more than 8,400 telemedicine consultations since 2001 to patients who do not have access to specialty care in their immediate locality. UC Irvine School of Medicine has embraced the new technology and is dedicated to the teaching of telemedicine to the next generations of physicians and nurses.

Funded by numerous grants from state and national agencies, UC Irvine's telemedicine program is part of the California Telehealth Network, which is in the process of connecting over 800 healthcare providers to an extensive network of recipients over a state-and nation-wide broadband network

But the application of telemedicine at UC Irvine goes beyond what is conventionally available.  Through collaboration with the medical school’s information technology infrastructure and California Institute of Technology and Telecommunication (Calit2), new approaches to telemedicine are being developed.